1) by Sharmila B N on Mar. 18 2011

I had a lot of unanswered questions when i lost my second son and why all that happened to me. Guess God has been compassionate enough to connect me to Dr. Rashmi. Through my sessions with her i got answers to my questions and a lot of positive changes have taken place. A big big thanx to God Almighty & Rashmi to have got me out from the acute Depression i was in.
2) by Dimple on Mar. 17 2011

I was wandering for a couple of years to find a spiritual teacher, a healer and a guide to quench my thirst for knowledge and solve a few issues. And I am glad that the Universe responded very happily and earnestly to the request I had sent by letting me come across Dr Rashmi, who is not only an excellent healer but also a beautiful person whom i could easily connect to. Thank you for all the Love and the Guidance.


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